100 Fun Dingbats (2 Book Series)

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From Book 1: So what are Dingbats ?

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From Book 1: So what are Dingbats ?

Remember the TV show Catchphrase ?

Well Dingbats, are the static version of the game show, where you have to work out a phrase or saying from the picto-graphic clues given within each dingbat !

This book is organised into 10 quizzes, each with 10 dingbats to work out !

They are guaranteed to get you scratching you head and contemplating on the right answer and you’ll have many moments, where as soon as you see the answer, you’ll say “Of Course” !

So with that said, download the free sample to see how it all works, then order your copy now – Enjoy these Dingbats.

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