2 Girls, 2 Cats (7 Book Series)

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From Book 1: "2 Girls, 2 Cats: A Magical Mystery" is the first book of Laura Beth's exciting family saga.

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From Book 1: “2 Girls, 2 Cats: A Magical Mystery” is the first book of Laura Beth’s exciting family saga.

After returning from a year of college studies abroad, Lacey moves into her grandparents’ home that is right beside her great-grandparents’ old farmhouse. The old farmhouse is supposed to be empty, but Lacey continues to notice lights coming on and going off during wee hours of the night. Lacey invites her thirteen-year-old cousin, Jillie, to come and help her investigate and spend time with her on the farm. The girls not only discover a mother cat and her two kittens, but hidden stairs and tunnels and an uncle who has been missing for ten years. What do the girls discover about these cats? Where do the hidden stairs and tunnels lead? Where has their Uncle Jake been all those years? It’s magical; it’s a mystery; it is a magical mystery that lead Lacey and Jillie to be united, by a destiny, determined many centuries before their time.

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