3 Girls and An Orgasm (4 Book Series)

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From Book 1: Rebecca Dawson's day couldn't get any worse, could it?

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From Book 1: Rebecca Dawson’s day couldn’t get any worse, could it?

Backing out of a parking space in an underground garage, she puts a dent in a perfectly restored black BMW. Her first thought was to keep on driving. She couldn’t afford the repair bill or the hike in her insurance premiums. But her conscience wouldn’t allow her to just walk away. She reported the accident and waited to face the consequences. Why?

Because Rebecca always obeyed the rules.

Quinton Sanders had a little ‘kink’ to his personality. He enjoyed teaching a woman what she wanted, and how he wanted her. Trouble was, the last woman he’d wanted hadn’t learned to obey all the rules.

Thankfully fate intervened and he got a second chance with the woman he loved and longed to pleasure.

He had her Under His Control.

WARNING: This book contains material intended for mature audiences only plus one in control alpha male.

This is an erotic novella of approximately 18+ pages


“Come here.”

She couldn’t.

“Don’t make me say it again, Rebecca.”

Moving away from the door, she stepped into her fate.

Quinton grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her further into the room. No way in hell was he letting her change her mind. Propelling her to the middle of the room, he ordered her to stay. Stepping back, he pressed a switch on the wall. A soft whirring sound filled the room as a panel in the ceiling opened up and a smooth metal chain lowered, stopping just above Rebecca’s head.

Her eyes widened as she realized what he was doing. “No, Quinton. I’m not ready for this.”

“Yes you are.” He took both her hands and snapped a set of velvet lined cuffs around her slender wrists. He hooked them to the chain, stretching her arms above her head.

Quinton finally had the woman he loved exactly where he wanted her. Well, not exactly where he wanted her. He wanted her in his cottage by the lake where they could have complete privacy and he could have access to all his instruments of pleasure. There was so much he wanted to introduce her to.

Everything at the cottage and in the office was brand new, bought and installed just days before she had walked away from him. He’d wanted everything fresh and untainted, just like he envisioned their life together.
He stood behind her, rubbing her shoulders as she started to twist and turn. “Shhh, sweetheart.”

Rebecca’s fear and anticipation made her struggle all the more. “I do not want this, you sonofabitch. I never wanted this.”

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